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Interested in having Terrell's Chips in your local business?

Terrell's Chips is proud to service the CNY area's restaurants, locally owned businesses, and all other chip-loving establishments. We offer a wide range of products, a general list of which can be found on our stock page, that can fit whatever need you have.

If you're looking to get our product into your business please don't hesitate to call us at 315-437-2786. Delivery days are based on your preferences, your needs, and when we are in your area. Stores and restaurants closer to our central location will have a wider selection of delivery times. Those who are further out into our delivery zone will be informed of the weekdays we are in their area and can make a decision based on that availability.

Available in Bulk

Terrell's Chips can provide your restaurant with bulk potato chips for the chef's choice of portioning. Our Terrell's Ripple Style is a very popular choice, but we also produce a natural or "flat" style for a more rustic feel. Bulk chips come in 6lbs boxes, divided into 1lbs bags inside for your convenience.

Individual Sale

All of our most popular large-bag flavors can also be found in our smaller sized bags manufactured primarily for individual sale. We do have some restaurants that like these pre-portioned grab bags, but typically this 1 3/4 oz size is what we provide to our local corner stores and small businesses.

More than Just Chips

The Terrell's name isn't just on our fantastic potato chips - we are also confident in our many other tasty products. Our name goes on a variety of pretzels, pork skins, cheese twists, and party mix. These items are available in a handful of sizes to fit any store shelf, party table, or picnic blanket.